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Sci High Partners with Keep Louisiana Beautiful

Oct 31, 2013

Sci High is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Keep Louisiana Beautiful.  Sci High has a history of environmental consciousness, from the solar panels on campus providing green energy to Mr. Denlinger’s Venture Crew hiking and camping throughout the year, students are constantly exposed to innovation and stewardship.  The KLB grant will ensure that cafeteria waste is halved for the next three calendar years, and current recycling programs are further developed and widely disseminated.  

Keep Louisiana Beautiful is a volunteer-based service organization dedicated to a healthy and litter free Louisiana. Through a network of 40 statewide affiliates, KLB promotes its mission to educate Louisianans on the ecological and economic effects of littering. For more information, visit; or on Twitter @KeepLABeautiful.

Through the generosity of KLB, Sci High will further implement the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle into daily habits.  A superior STAR rating dishwasher will eliminate over 50% of lunchtime waste from ending in landfills. The current recycling program, run by Mr. Denlinger and his AP Environmental Science students, will receive additional support and materials.  Finally, this funding will facilitate a partnership between Sci High and LifeCity, a New Orleans-based organization on the forefront of increasing environmental sustainability in local businesses and events. This three-pronged approach will have a visible effect on the daily habits and education of students and staff, and serve as a new model for sustainable practices in secondary schools.

Sci High is honored to work with such longstanding and innovative organizations on these pressing matters of sustainability.