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Sci High's AP Program Featured in College Board's Annual Report on Equity & Access

Jan 14, 2014

Our open-enrollment AP program has been a core function of the school’s commitment allstudents. Any student can take college-level classes, and there is tremendous support for students and professional development for our staff.  This dedication was highlighted in the College Board’s recent report, available for download here (page 26).  Many thanks to our dedicated AP teachers and counselor Delaney French for their tireless support of students’ achieving more than they believed possible.

AP Language and Composition – Ms. Glenda McQueen

AP Literature and Composition – Ms. Sarah Grainer

AP Chemistry – Ms. Christa Pulvino

AP Biology – Mr. DJ Johnson

AP World History – Ms. Melanie Boulet

AP US History – Mr. Allon Brann

AP Environmental Science – Mr. Jason Denlinger

AP American Government – Ms. Caroline Snyder

AP Calculus AB – Mr. Timothy Dilligan

AP Probability and Statistics – Ms. Katie Hooper