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In 2012, Sci High reached a record high of 115.7 on the state-assessed School Performance Score, based on graduation rates, student achievement test scores and attendance. This is a 9 point growth from the SPS score assessed in 2011 and only 5 points short of an A.

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Sci High by the Numbers

  • 5 Sci High's ranking among all public high schools in New Orleans (based on School Performance Score)
  • 74%The percentage of growth in our students' qualifying scores on AP exams over the past year.
  • 72The percentage increase of freshmen enrolling at Sci High for fall 2012.
  • 40The number of points Sci High has gained in its School Performance Score over the last four years. Sci High is a Top Gains School with an SPS score that exceeded its Growth Target.
  • 10The number of AP classes offered by Sci High -more than any other open-enrollment charter school in New Orleans.
  • 3.3years The average increase in reading levels during freshman year.
  • 21 The number of years Sci High will have been in operation in 2014.

About Sci High

The New Orleans Charter High School for Science and Mathematics provides a rigorous, laboratory-based education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to traditionally under-served high school students in Orleans Parish. It is among the very few open-admissions science and math high schools in the country. No test scores or prior GPA are required. We actively recruit students whom selective schools might turn away, and we commit to improving their achievement.

The goal is to prepare students—traditionally under-served by the public school system—for college and career success. In service of that mission, Sci High imparts the skills of disciplined thinking, the spirit of inquiry, the persistence of intellectual curiosity, and the habits of organization, hard work and personal responsibility. Extensive electives promote advanced in-depth study in astronomy, wildlife biology, anatomy and physiology, forensic science, and marine biology. After-school programs include robotics, basketball, debate, drama, martial arts and creative writing.

Our students are also the key to the growth of the New Orleans economy through the next generations. They can compete globally, but they are likely to conduct their professional lives locally—going to our universities and building their careers as part of the educated work force that will drive our city's future.


In 1993, Sci High began as a half-day special program open to all Orleans Parish high school students. The concept came from collaboration between a SUNO professor and two Tulane professors; Barbara MacPhee was school principal. Then in October, 2005, a mere 60 days after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and when only four other high schools were open, The Advocates for Science and Mathematics Education, Inc., applied for and were granted a Type III charter by the Orleans Parish School Board. Responding to the new environment, the original half-day program became a full-day high school, offering all the subjects required for graduation and TOPS Scholarship eligibility.